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US Airport Officers Caught Stealing Money from Passengers’ Bags

A shocking video has emerged of two Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers stealing money and belongings from passengers’ bags at Miami International Airport. The incident took place on June 29, and the officers involved, Josue Gonzalez (20 years old) and Labarrius Williams (33 years old), were arrested in July after an investigation into theft claims at the airport’s checkpoint.

Theft Caught on Camera

The video of the theft has gone viral on social media, revealing the agents collaborating to steal money from wallets and purses passing through the X-ray machine. The footage clearly shows one of the officers reaching into a wallet and discreetly pocketing the money.

Arrest and Charges

According to Fox News, Gonzalez and Williams, along with Elizabeth Fuster, were arrested and initially charged with organized scheme to defraud, as per Miami-Dade County jail records. They were booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Detention Center.

Fuster and Gonzalez confessed to multiple thefts from travelers and admitted to stealing an average of $1,000 daily while working together. While charges against Fuster were dropped in August, both Gonzalez and Williams have pleaded not guilty to the third-degree felony grand theft charges they face.

TSA’s Response

In response to the incident, the TSA has taken action by removing the officers from screening duties pending the completion of the investigation and administrative actions. The TSA released a statement emphasizing its commitment to maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards among Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) and its zero-tolerance policy for workplace misconduct.

The statement further noted that the TSA actively and aggressively investigated the misconduct allegations and collaborated with the Miami Dade Police Department. Any employee found to have failed to meet ethical standards will be held accountable.

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Source: NDTV

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