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Singapore Employer Locks Up Co-workers After Termination, Faces Legal Consequences

In a startling incident in Singapore, a man named Vict Lim Siong Hock, who was recently fired from his job, took drastic action by locking up nine ex-employees in his former workplace. The incident unfolded in September of the previous year when the man, frustrated by his dismissal, padlocked the sole entrance to the office, trapping his former colleagues inside. As a result of this action, Lim has been fined $2,983 (approximately Rs 2.47 lakh) and could potentially face jail time.

According to reports, Lim had joined an electronics company at Pantech Business Hub as a driver and logistics assistant in May 2022. However, his employment was terminated before he could complete his probation period, exacerbating his resentment. In response to this, Lim purchased a padlock with the intent of locking the office’s entrance.

On September 1, 2022, around 2:20pm, Lim arrived at the office and padlocked the entrance door, believing his ex-colleagues were on lunch breaks or had left the office. Unbeknownst to him, staggered lunch breaks ensured that at least one employee was always present in the office.

Shortly after the door was locked, an employee attempted to exit the office but found the door locked from the outside. It became clear that nine employees were trapped inside. The trapped employees sought help from a colleague in a different part of the building, who confirmed the padlock on the entrance door.

The company took swift action, hiring a locksmith at a cost of around $60 to remove the padlock the same day. Lim’s actions were captured on CCTV, leading the owner to file a police report against him.

Lim has pleaded guilty to one count of wrongful confinement and an additional charge of sending an abusive message to a former colleague. This situation could result in a potential prison sentence of up to three years, a fine, or a combination of both penalties. This incident serves as a reminder of the legal consequences that can follow extreme actions in response to employment disputes.

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