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Sikh Granthi Offers Prayers to Start US House of Representatives Proceedings

In a groundbreaking moment, a Sikh granthi from New Jersey made history by offering prayers to initiate the proceedings of the US House of Representatives.

Granthi Giani Jaswinder Singh, hailing from Pine Hill Gurdwara in New Jersey, had the honor of commencing the day’s activities in the House on Friday. Traditionally, the prayers preceding the proceedings have been delivered by a Christian priest.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy made the announcement that Singh would lead the proceedings, marking a significant departure from tradition.

Taking the floor shortly after the prayers, Congressman Donald Norcross expressed the historic nature of the occasion. Singh became the first Sikh chaplain to offer prayers in the US House of Representatives.

Norcross remarked, “The history made today is a reminder that the United States welcomes, values, and will remain committed to the free expression of religion. Giani Singh has made South Jersey proud today, and it is an honor to be a part of this moment with him.”

This landmark event serves as a testament to the United States’ dedication to religious freedom and inclusivity.

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Source: Tribune India

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