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21 Pro-Khalistan Elements in Canada: India’s Concerns Over Trudeau’s Response

India has expressed concerns regarding the presence of 21 Pro-Khalistan elements taking shelter in Canada. These concerns come amidst allegations made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of a “potential link” between the Indian government and the death of Canadian citizen Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Khalistani terrorist who was killed in June. India has refuted these allegations, asserting that they are based on unsubstantiated assumptions.

List of Pro-Khalistan Elements in Canada

Here is a list of the 21 individuals associated with Pro-Khalistan elements currently residing in Canada, along with their locations:

  1. Arshdeep Singh Dala – Khalistan Tiger Force – Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.
  2. Satinderjit Singh Brar (aka Goldy Brar) – Residing in Canada with a valid Indian passport until 2026.
  3. Snover Dhillion – Ontario, Canada.
  4. Ramandeep Singh (aka Raman Judge) – British Columbia, Canada.
  5. Gurjit Singh Cheema – Khalistan Liberation Front – Toronto, Canada.
  6. Gurjinder Singh Pannu – Toronto, Canada.
  7. Gurpreet Singh – KLF – Surrey, Canada.
  8. Tehal Singh – ISYF – Toronto, Canada.
  9. Malkeet Singh Fauji – ISYF – Surrey, Canada.
  10. Manvir Singh Duhra – ISYF – British Columbia, Canada.
  11. Parvkar Singh Dulai (aka Pary Dulai) – ISYF – Surrey, Canada.
  12. Moninder Singh Bijal – Khalistan Tiger Force – Vancouver, Canada.
  13. Bhagat Singh Brar (aka Bhaggu Brar) – ISYF – Toronto, Canada.
  14. Satinder Pal Singh Gill – ISYF – Vancouver, Canada.
  15. Sulinder Singh Virk – Brampton, Canada.
  16. Manveer Singh – KLF – Toronto, Canada.
  17. Lakhbir Singh (aka Landa) – Residing in Canada.
  18. Sukhdul Singh (aka Sukh Duneke) – Ontario, Canada.
  19. Harpreet Singh – Brampton, Canada.
  20. Sundeep Singh (aka Suny, aka Tiger) – British Columbia, Canada.
  21. Mandeep Singh Dhaliwal – Khalistan Tiger Force – Surrey, Canada.

India’s Concerns and Actions

India has raised concerns about the presence of these individuals with suspected ties to pro-Khalistan elements in Canada. Full dossiers containing relevant information have been shared with the Five Eyes alliance, both at individual and institutional levels. However, as of now, no action has been taken by the Trudeau government in response to these conce

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Source: Hindustan Times

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