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Wasim Akram Silences ‘Ball Conspiracy’ Controversy, Backs Indian Pacers in World Cup

Former Pakistani cricketer Hasan Raza stirred controversy by alleging that the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) were providing Indian bowlers with “different balls” as a favor. While Raza’s claims left cricket fans and former players stunned, former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra dismissed the comments as mere “comedy.”

Pakistani cricket legend, Wasim Akram, with over 500 ODI wickets to his name, shed light on the process of selecting match balls and didn’t hold back in criticizing Raza’s conspiracy theory. Akram, in a candid statement, expressed his desire to have the same balls as the Indian bowlers, highlighting that such baseless allegations only tarnish Pakistan’s reputation on the global stage.

Akram revealed the straightforward process of ball selection before a cricket match, emphasizing the transparency involved. The team that bowls first has the privilege of choosing two new balls from a set of 12, with the umpires and match referees closely overseeing the process. Akram clarified, “Umpires ask the bowling team to pick the balls with which they would like to bowl. The bowlers select from a box of 12 brand new balls. The umpires keep them in their pants pockets. The remaining eight balls go to the other team, as two new balls are used from both ends.”

Former Pakistan captain, Shoaib Malik, chimed in, pointing out that negativity tends to arise when others achieve success. He emphasized the need to focus on learning from successful individuals rather than seeking out faults.

Akram’s explanation should put an end to the controversy surrounding Indian pacers and their choice of balls. The reality is that the Indian fast bowlers have displayed exceptional performance with the new ball, attributing their success to hard work and dedication. Akram and other panelists on A Sports acknowledged the remarkable achievements of Indian pacers in this World Cup.

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