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Wasim Akram Hits Back at Baseless Epstein List Claim Linking Imran Khan

The controversy surrounding the “Jeffrey Epstein List” has taken an unexpected turn, with former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram vehemently dismissing a social media claim that sought to link Imran Khan to the Epstein list. The assertion, made by a user on X (formerly Twitter), prompted a fiery response from Akram, who categorically shut down the troll for spreading false information.

The X user wrote, “Imran Khan @ImranKhanPTI is also on Epstein’s list. Cricket Legend Wasim Akram @wasimakramlive also narrated a story where Imran Khan and youngsters were flown on Ghislaine Maxwell’s private plane to a deserted Island (Epstein Island). #EpsteinClientList.”

Expressing his frustration with the baseless claim, Wasim Akram responded sharply, stating, “Stop spreading lies you muppet.”

The reference to a story narrated by Akram last year added fuel to the misleading post. In that story, Akram had shared an intriguing account of Imran Khan being taken to a “deserted island on a private plane” by Ghislaine Maxwell, a friend of Imran Khan. However, the false implication of Epstein’s list was promptly refuted by Akram.

The Jeffrey Epstein List has gained significant attention globally, with names of high-profile individuals being linked to the financier and convicted sex offender. Notable figures like Donald Trump, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Stephen Hawking, and Leonardo DiCaprio have been mentioned in court documents related to Epstein. However, the attempt to include Imran Khan in this list, as debunked by Wasim Akram, appears to be unfounded and driven by misinformation. The controversy surrounding Epstein’s associates continues to unfold, with legal proceedings shedding light on the extent of his connections.

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