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Vishal Pandey’s Family Demands Public Apology 

After Vishal Pandey made remarks about Kritika Malik, Armaan Malik, his co-contestant on ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’, slapped him. Vishal’s parents and sister have since issued statements supporting him. Neha, Vishal’s sister, defended him on Instagram, saying, “I firmly believe my brother has done nothing wrong. He did not humiliate anyone, nor did he say anything inappropriate or have any ill intentions behind his comment.” She added, “As a family, we stand by him wholeheartedly. We trust him and know his character well. Every woman feels safe around him, and Vishal has our full support.”

Neha also called for Armaan’s eviction from the show, stating, “Armaan does not deserve to stay on the show. He owes my brother a public apology, and Bigg Boss should take strict action by removing him from the show.”

In a video message, Vishal’s parents pleaded with Bigg Boss to evict Armaan Malik, saying, “Please Bigg Boss, I request you to evict the person who raised his hand on my child. We have raised him with love and never laid a hand on him. We did not send him to the show expecting someone to hit him.”

They expressed their distress over the incident, saying, “We cannot tolerate this at all. Since we heard about it, our hearts have been sinking.” They emphasized that Vishal’s personality on the show reflects his true self and that recent episodes had misrepresented him.

This altercation follows previous conflicts between Armaan and Vishal, including name-calling and heated arguments on the show.

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