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Virat Kohli and Longtime Manager Bunty Sajdeh Part Ways After A Decade

In a surprising development, Indian cricket icon Virat Kohli has officially severed ties with his longstanding manager, Bunty Sajdeh, marking the conclusion of a partnership that spanned over a decade. The announcement, reported by Sahil Malhotra for News18.com on November 20, 2023, has left the cricketing community and fans in speculation as the reason for the split remains undisclosed.

As per reliable sources, Kohli is reportedly in the process of establishing his own company, and details suggest that he is currently in the registration phase. The separation comes amid the ongoing 2023 World Cup, adding a notable twist to one of Indian cricket’s most enduring associations.

The dissolution of the partnership with Cornerstone, founded by Bunty Sajdeh, is not an isolated incident. Over the years, several cricketers, including Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Ajinkya Rahane, Shubman Gill, and others, have also parted ways with Cornerstone. However, the bond between Virat Kohli and Cornerstone was considered inseparable until now.

It’s worth noting that in 2020, Dharma Productions, owned by Karan Johar, ventured into talent management in collaboration with Cornerstone, establishing Dharma Cornerstone Agency (DCA). Despite this development, Kohli’s association with Cornerstone continued independently, unaffected by the joint venture.

Insiders have jokingly remarked that, in essence, Kohli seemed to be running Cornerstone rather than Bunty, highlighting the significant role the cricketing legend played in the business relationship.

Bunty Sajdeh, more than just a manager, was known to be Virat’s confidant, often standing by his side during crucial cricketing events. Together, they successfully secured lucrative deals with top companies, including a monumental Rs 100-crore partnership with Puma.

However, whispers within the industry have hinted at potential favoritism towards Kohli’s interests over other athletes represented by Cornerstone. Despite the success of their commercial endeavors, the split marks the end of an era in Indian cricket, as Virat Kohli embarks on a new chapter with his own venture after a decade-long partnership with Bunty Sajdeh and Cornerstone.

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