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US Secretary Antony Blinken Highlights Positive Developments in Israel-Hamas Temporary Truce

In a recent meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed optimism about the results of the temporary truce between Israel and Hamas. Blinken emphasized the focus on securing freedom for hostages taken during an October 7 attack, with positive developments observed in hostages being reunited with their families. The Secretary of State highlighted the increase in humanitarian assistance reaching innocent civilians in Gaza. Both leaders condemned a recent attack near Jerusalem, underscoring the importance of the ongoing truce.

The truce, extended by one day, allowed negotiators to work on deals to swap hostages held in Gaza for Palestinian prisoners. Blinken’s visit, his third since October 7, aimed to address the situation in Gaza, including discussions on Israel’s potential offensive in southern Gaza. The US urged Israel to prioritize the protection of Palestinian civilians and minimize infrastructure damage. The truce has brought relief to Gaza, facilitating humanitarian aid after weeks of intense Israeli military actions. Blinken also anticipated discussions in the occupied West Bank, possibly meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Secretary of State acknowledged the challenges ahead and expressed eagerness for detailed conversations with the Israeli government on the path forward in Gaza. Israel, committed to dismantling Hamas, faces international scrutiny for the impact of its military campaign on Gaza’s densely populated territory, with health authorities reporting a significant toll on civilian lives.

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