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Urgent Rescue Appeal: Trapped Workers Plead for Swift Extraction from Uttarkashi Tunnel

In a harrowing incident that unfolded seven days ago, 41 workers find themselves trapped inside the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, following a partial collapse. The desperate plea for rescue comes as an official from Uttar Pradesh, Arun Kumar Mishra, engaged in a conversation with the workers via a hume pipe.

The voices of the trapped workers, muffled yet urgent, resonated with a single request — expedite their rescue. While they acknowledged receiving food and water, the prevailing conditions inside the tunnel were described as challenging.

Upon learning that their family members were present with Mishra, the workers inquired about their well-being. Additionally, the trapped individuals sought updates on the progress of drilling activities and the types of machinery being employed.

Arun Mishra assured the workers that state-of-the-art technology was being utilized for the rescue operation, with drilling set to resume using both horizontal and vertical methods. Vertical drilling, aimed at reaching the workers from the mountain’s summit, is currently underway. According to officials from the Border Roads Organisation (BRO), a designated point at the top of the tunnel has been identified for vertical drilling, expected to be operational by Sunday afternoon.

The halt in rescue operations occurred on Friday afternoon when a US-made auger machine, crucial for drilling and creating an escape passage, encountered technical issues. Despite drilling up to 24 meters through a 60-meter rubble area inside the tunnel before the interruption, the snag forced a suspension of activities.

Concerns about the weakening voices of the trapped workers and diminishing strength have been raised by family members following their conversation with Arun Mishra. The urgency of the situation has prompted the Uttarakhand administration to provide accommodations and food for all the family members awaiting news on their trapped loved ones.

Stay tuned for further updates on this critical rescue operation as authorities strive to navigate the challenges and bring the trapped workers to safety.

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