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Union Education Minister Criticizes Karnataka Government’s Decision to Repeal NEP

On Thursday, Dharmendra Pradhan, the union education minister, called the Karnataka government’s move to repeal the National Education Policy (NEP) “politically-motivated” and argued that education ought to be a sign of advancement rather than a tool in politics. “Disappointed to discover that the Karnataka CM decided to scrap the National Education Policy 2020 for political reasons.

Our educational system needs to advance, not backward. Years of consultations led to the NEP, which reflected everyone’s goals. This choice demonstrates @INCIndia’s anti-reform, anti-Bharatiya Bhasha, and anti-Karnataka traits. “Karnataka needs leaders that prioritise development and inclusivity over petty politics. Stop the petty politics and put the needs of the student first! @siddaramaiah,” wrote Pradhan on X.

The NEP will be eliminated in Karnataka starting with the following academic year, according to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Monday.

He claimed that his administration will work to offer education in conformity with the Constitution by repealing the NEP, which had been implemented by the previous BJP administration.

“NEP was implemented in Karnataka, despite the fact that no other BJP-ruled states had done so…One thing I should mention is that there was a slight delay this year. Starting the following year, we’ll amend the NEP and work to give education in line with the Constitution because the BJP is anti-constitutional and supports Manuwad, Siddaramaiah added.

Speaking at the general body meeting of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee in this city, he said that NEP must be discontinued after making the necessary preparations, but this year it has been continued to avoid upsetting students in the middle of the school year because the academic year had already started when the election results were announced and the new government was formed.

He said that NEP has faced opposition from educators, parents, lecturers, and students, and that the BJP has sacrificed student interests by enacting it in Karnataka before other states did.

In August 2021, Karnataka became the first state to embrace NEP in higher education. When it was in opposition, the Congress had denounced the NEP, calling it the “Nagpur Education Policy intended to promote the RSS.”

Karnataka was the first state to introduce NEP in higher education, beginning in August 2021. When it was in opposition at the time, the Congress had denounced the NEP, calling it the “Nagpur Education Policy intended to propagate RSS agenda.” Nagpur is home to the RSS’s main office.

The NEP would be eliminated, as promised by the Congress in its election platform, and the CM stated during the most recent budget that a state education strategy will take its place.

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