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UNDP Applauds Launch of Global Biodiversity Framework Fund for Nature Conservation

An important stride towards bolstering biodiversity financing worldwide was taken today in Vancouver, marking a significant advancement in collective efforts. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) extends its appreciation to the Global Environment Facility for promptly establishing the Global Biodiversity Framework Fund, a dedicated financial mechanism for global nature conservation.

This newly introduced Fund assumes a pivotal role in expanding conservation and restoration initiatives, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda on a substantial scale. UNDP urges governments, philanthropic entities, and the private sector to infuse capital into the Fund. The international community’s vested interest in the success of this fund is undeniable.

UNDP warmly welcomes the Fund’s strong focus on bolstering actions by indigenous communities, women, and local groups, recognizing their indispensable contribution in actualizing the objectives of the Global Biodiversity Framework.

As part of its ongoing commitment to position nature at the core of economic and developmental paradigms, UNDP is set to aid countries in expediting three transformative shifts:

  1. Narrative and Behavioral Reset: Reassessing the perspectives and actions that dictate our valuation of nature.
  2. Systemic Economic Transformation: Channeling financial flows from nature-negative to nature-positive outcomes.
  3. Prominence of Nature-Based Solutions: Ensuring the integration of nature-centered solutions into inclusive and sustainable developmental policies.

UNDP Administrator, Achim Steiner, expressed, “For three decades, UNDP has stood as a proud partner to the Global Environment Facility, fostering a global community committed to environmental action. Through our ambitious UNDP Nature Pledge, we are aiding over 140 nations in achieving their ambitious targets under the historic Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. This effort bridges the nexus between individuals, nature, livelihoods, sustainable development, and human rights.”

He further emphasized, “The new Global Biodiversity Framework Fund holds immense significance in realizing the aims and benchmarks set forth by the Global Biodiversity Framework. It is now imperative for contributions to flow from both public and private sectors, igniting a chain reaction of momentous actions concerning ecosystems and biodiversity. Only through restoring the delicate equilibrium between humanity and our natural environment can we envision sustainable development.”

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