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UK Ranks Second-Worst for Mental Wellbeing in Global Survey

According to a recent survey, mental well-being is declining worldwide, with the United Kingdom finishing in second place as the most miserable country.

Sapien Labs, a research group, conducted their annual “Mental State of the World” survey, questioning over 400,000 people in 71 countries. The results show a lack of recovery from the pandemic’s initial mental health toll.

The UK scored a low 49 on a Mental Health Quotient (MHQ) scale ranging from -100 (very dissatisfied) to 200. This placed them just above Uzbekistan, the lowest-scoring country. Notably, 35% of Britons reported feeling “distressed.”

The study interestingly found a correlation between wealth and unhappiness, with richer nations scoring lower. The happiest places in the world, the Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania, are all non-English-speaking developing countries that definitely know how to enjoy life better than many in the developed countries.

Australia, Tajikistan, Brazil, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Uzbekistan are ranked the worst on the list.

Europe and North America performed poorly overall, suggesting a broader trend.

While some might use this report to fuel negativity, the authors urge the UK to see it as a call to action. They point out positive aspects, like London being named Europe’s best city and Glasgow’s top live music scene.

This survey adds to the discussion of mental health around the world.

Mental health is experiencing a widespread decline on a global scale.

While further research might be needed, it highlights a potential need for increased focus on mental wellbeing in many countries, including the UK.

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Source: NDTV

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