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UK CEO, 42, Survives Heart Attack During Daily Run Thanks to Smartwatch Intervention

In a surprising turn of events, 42-year-old Paul Wapham, CEO of Hockey Wales, faced a life-threatening heart attack during his routine morning run despite his active lifestyle and lack of traditional risk factors. The timely intervention of his smartwatch, however, played a crucial role in saving his life.

The Incident

Wapham, a fitness enthusiast with no apparent risk factors, experienced a sudden and severe heart attack during his daily run, leaving him incapacitated on the road. Quick thinking and the aid of his smartwatch allowed him to contact his wife, Laura, who promptly rushed him to the hospital.

Emergency Medical Response

At the hospital, medical professionals performed emergency angioplasty to clear a blocked artery, a procedure that proved instrumental in restoring blood flow to Wapham’s heart. A stent was also inserted to prevent future blockages. However, his condition took a more complex turn when he developed pulmonary edema, a condition involving fluid accumulation in the lungs. The swift response of the hospital staff, summoned from their homes due to the early morning hour, played a pivotal role in saving Wapham’s life.

Recovery and Gratitude

Following six days in the coronary unit, Wapham expressed gratitude for the exceptional care he received, emphasizing the competence of the medical staff. He also acknowledged his wife’s quick response in bringing him to the hospital. Currently undergoing rehabilitation, Wapham reflects on the shock of the incident and the importance of proactive healthcare.

Professional Background

With over two decades of experience in sports, Wapham assumed the role of CEO at Hockey Wales in March 2023. Previously, he held the position of Corporate Brand Director at the Ospreys, a prominent sports development charity in Wales. Wapham is also an elected non-executive board member of the Welsh Sports Association, hailing from Swansea and having studied at Cardiff Metropolitan University and The University of Bristol.

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