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UGC Unveils Groundbreaking Program to Enhance Staff Skills

The University Grants Commission (UGC) introduced a comprehensive strategy for its officials on Tuesday to strengthen and expand their talents, efficiency, and credentials in order to better serve India’s higher education system.

In a conversation with this paper, UGC Chairman Prof. M. Jagadesh Kumar stated that the UGC is the first autonomous organization to begin preparing for staff capacity building in partnership with the Capacity Building Commission (CBC), which was created by the government in 2021.

He stated that the Annual Capacity Building Plan (ACBP) is a comprehensive plan outlining interventions essential for enhancing individual officials’ competencies and the overall capacity of UGC.

“..this plan is derived from a robust Capacity Need Assessment exercise done with UGC officials and staff over six months starting from March 2023,” he told reporters.

In the presence of Dr. R Balasubramanium, Member HR, Capacity Building Commission, Kumar started the initiative.

By September 15, 2023, more than 600 UGC workers would have been onboarded on the iGot Karmayogi platform.

630 UGC workers completed more than 4,500 courses from October to December 2023, with each completing an average of seven courses.

Throughout 2023, UGC has also organized various offline/face-to-face training programs for its employees on topics such as service reservation, introduction to emerging technologies using AI, overview of data-driven decision-making (DDDM) using Higher Education data and relevant use cases, PFMS Awareness of general financial rules, contract management and purchase of services, RTI, and so on.

It intends to keep doing so in order to develop the ability of its personnel and to assist the government’s Mission Karmayogi project for skill upgrading of government employees.

Kumar stated that the program was developed with the “idea to build, develop, and enhance the abilities, talents, competencies, efficiency, and qualifications of UGC employees in order to increase their capacity to serve the higher educational system in India.”

There are four key areas of emphasis: behavioral competences, functional competencies, domain competencies, and technological capabilities.

While behavioral skills enable UGC personnel to take on larger duties than they are used to, functional competencies enable them to perform better in administration, procurement, and financial management.

“Enhancing domain competencies helps them perform better in specialized fields such as policy making or project management. Training in newer technology competencies helps them to realise shorter turn-around time and improve efficiency, better digital record keeping and utilize technology platforms to reach out to the stakeholders,” Kumar said.

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