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UGC Releases Names Of Student Ambassador For Academic Reforms

The National Education Policy – Student Ambassador For Academic Reforms In Transforming Higher Education in India program’s names have been released by the University Grants Commission (UGC). In addition, the university administration has made available the tasks and responsibilities related to this curriculum.

The UGC launched NEP SAARTHI with the goal of inspiring students to actively engage in putting the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020’s provisions into practice. The goal is to establish a space where students may become involved in the community and influence changes in higher education.

Under the UGC’s NEP SAARTHI project, student engagement and knowledge of educational reforms were raised. The project is looking for people who have exceptional personalities, strong communication skills, organizational aptitude, creativity, accountability, and leadership traits to conduct outreach programs.

Following nominations from Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs), the UGC has released the names of the selected candidates.

“The UGC believes that participation in this initiative will not only be personally enriching but also play a significant role in shaping the future of higher education in India,” the university body stated.


  • Create awareness and promote the initiatives of NEP 2020 among students on campus
  • Encourage and motivate students to actively participate in implementing the NEP 2020 initiatives
  • Establish a feedback mechanism for the UGC to understand the impact of NEP 2020 initiatives on students and address their concerns


  • Work as an ambassador to promote NEP 2020
  • Create awareness regarding NEP 2020
  • Disseminate information regarding NEP 2020
  • Promote NEP 2020 initiatives on social media
  • Collect feedback from students to improve the implementation of NEP 2020
  • Provide guidance to students and other stakeholders regarding NEP 2020 initiatives and how they can benefit from them


  • Organise awareness drives regarding the latest NEP initiatives
  • Connect with student groups
  • Establish meaningful dialogue among students, faculty members, administrators, and the UGC.
  • Prepare brief notes on each NEP initiative for display on campus
  • Plan events, debates, discussions, competitions, quizzes, Nukkads, Chaupals
  • Initiate social media activities or campaigns
  • Set up NEP help desks at college fests

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