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UGC Directs Higher Education Institutions to Appoint Gender Champions

To promote equitable treatment and broaden the gender inclusion of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). In a circular, the University Grants Commission (UGC) asked all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to designate gender champions.

The official notification of UGC reads, “In order to promote gender equality, as guaranteed by Article 15 of the Indian Constitution there is a need to alter the mode of interaction at all levels – home, school, college, university, workplace, and beyond. The Government of India, with the aim of broadening the reach to create an environment conducive to equal treatment, envisions the appointment of Gender Champions in all educational institutions across the country.”

Gender champions can be individuals of any gender, including boys, girls, and transgender persons above the age of 16 who are enrolled in educational institutions. These gender champions are envisioned as responsible leaders, who will facilitate an enabling environment within their schools/ colleges/ academic institutions where girls are treated with dignity and respect. The notice further stated, “In this context kindly refer to the office letter of even number dated May 29, 2023, regarding the imperative need to create an environment fostering equal treatment through the engagement of gender champions in all educational institutions across the country.”

The UGC has requested to ensure the swift implementation of the guidelines for gender champions in the HEIs, to achieve long-term sustainable change. The UGC has urged HEIs to implement the guidelines as a top priority. The Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, has introduced a badge for gender champions, which is available on its website and also on the MyGov portal.


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