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UGC Chairman Advocates Collective Efforts to Implement NEP 2020

According to the National Education Policy 2020, UGC chairman Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar highlights the importance of constant reflection and the adoption of changes in higher education. He advocates for creative and daring universities that provide multidisciplinary courses with different entry-exit points.

Kumar emphasizes the necessity of a dynamic teaching method and collaborative efforts to reform the higher education system. The policy mandates the establishment of the Academic Bank of Credits and the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry.

Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar, chairperson of the University Grants Commission (UGC), has stated that the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) is a marathon rather than a sprint, since higher education academics would be required to constantly reflect on and accept the commission’s modifications.

Speaking at a higher education summit held at Lucknow University on Friday, Kumar said institutions will have to be more adventurous and innovative to overcome future challenges. “Implementation of NEP 2020 is a must and multi- disciplinary courses have to be offered in large scale with multiple entry exit options,” he added.

“If a student has cracked the common university entrance test-undergraduate (CUET-UG) and wants to study subject from another stream, the institution should welcome it and help them study subjects of their choice,” Kumar said, adding that this generation of students is aspirational and problem solvers.

“Teaches have to be much more dynamic and must keep their minds open. The old ‘chalta hai’ attitude will not work. Many more reforms will be brought into. Teachers have to inculcate different patterns of education,” he added. Kumar called upon the VCs to take responsibility and motivate faculty members and students so that the higher education system is transformed completely as envisioned by NEP policy makers.

He emphasised the collective responsibility and efforts of all the stakeholders to train the younger generation through NEP 2020 so that India can become a developed nation by 2047.

Academic Bank of Credits

Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) is like a digital storage where students can avail its benefits. In this digital credit bank, all the marks/credits scored by the students will be stored. Personal information of students are also stored here.

With the help of the ABC ID, taking admission in institutes for graduation and post-graduation will become easy for students as all the necessary information regarding the student and the credits scored will be available through the ID. Automated permanent academic account registry

The education ministry has implemented the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR) in rural areas via Common Service Centres.

It was conceptualized as part of the NEP 2020, which requires all college/university students to register on ABC. The new NEP intends to give students with a variety of skill sets and job opportunities.

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