TMC, AAP, and CPI will abstain from the new Parliament building’s inaugural event

AAP, TMC, and CPI to Skip New Parliament Building Inauguration


In an act of solidarity, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Trinamool Congress (TMC), and Communist Party of India (CPI) have jointly declared their decision to boycott the upcoming inauguration ceremony of the new Parliament building, slated for May 28. Citing concerns over the exclusion of the President from the invitee list, the AAP expressed its reservations, prompting the party to take this course of action. Similarly, TMC’s Derek O’Brien voiced his discontent, emphasizing that the ceremony seemed to revolve around self-importance rather than a collective celebration. As a result, the parties have resolved to abstain from attending, presenting a unified front against what they perceive as an exclusionary event.

The AAP’s decision to withdraw from the inauguration stems from its commitment to principles of inclusivity and transparency. By raising questions about the President’s absence from the invitee list, the party aims to ensure that such important ceremonies reflect the true spirit of democracy. Their withdrawal serves as a poignant reminder that participation and representation should be at the core of any democratic undertaking.

Echoing the sentiments of the AAP, TMC’s Derek O’Brien pointed out the underlying tone of self-centeredness surrounding the ceremony. By emphasizing the need for collective celebration rather than individual glorification, he underlines the significance of a united approach in a diverse democracy. The TMC’s decision to boycott the event showcases their dedication to principles of fairness and inclusivity, aligning their actions with their ideological framework.

Meanwhile, the CPI, aligning itself with the AAP and TMC, has joined the boycott as a show of solidarity. This collective stance further highlights the shared concerns regarding the nature of the inauguration ceremony, emphasizing the need for it to be an inclusive and representative occasion.

The united front presented by the AAP, TMC, and CPI serves as a powerful statement in support of democratic values and equitable representation. Their decision to boycott the ceremony sends a clear message to those in power that the voices and concerns of the people must be heard and respected. In a country as diverse and vibrant as India, it is imperative that important events embody the spirit of inclusivity and unity.

As the date of the inauguration approaches, the absence of these prominent political parties will undoubtedly serve as a reminder of the necessity for genuine dialogue and collaboration in shaping the future of the nation. This bold move highlights the importance of upholding democratic principles and striving for a society where every voice is heard and valued.


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