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Times When Bigg Boss 17 Contestants Wanted To Exit The House

Key Points:

  • Bigg Boss Season 17 has seen several contestants expressing a desire to exit the show.
  • Instances include Anurag Dobhal’s voluntary exit offer, Vicky Jain’s readiness to pay a penalty for Ankita Lokhande’s exit, and emotional moments leading to contestants wanting to leave.

Contestants and Exit Instances:

  1. Anurag’s Complaint to Salman Khan: Anurag Dobhal raised concerns about discussions related to BroSena affecting him mentally. He expressed a desire to talk directly to Salman Khan and was willing to exit voluntarily, offering to pay a penalty of Rs 2 crore. However, Bigg Boss reminded him of the clauses.
  2. Mannara’s Fight with Khanzaadi: After a heated argument with Khanzaadi, Mannara wanted to exit the house due to the negativity. She broke down and expressed a desire to spend Diwali with her family rather than staying with “fake and two-faced” people.
  3. Khanzaadi’s Intention to Leave: Khanzaadi expressed her wish to leave the house after a confrontation with Neil and Aishwarya over food and kitchen duties. She cited rude behavior from contestants as the reason for her decision.
  4. Vicky Jain’s Offer to Pay Penalty: Amid conflicts with Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain offered to pay a penalty of Rs 4 crores for both of them to exit the show. Ankita expressed emotional distress and a desire to go home.
  5. Khanzaadi’s Health Revelation: Khanzaadi’s past injury was revealed during Weekend Ka Vaar, triggering her to demand an exit from Salman Khan. Salman asked her to leave, and she later asked the housemates to vote her out.
  6. Anurag’s Agitation and Rs 2 Crore Offer: Anurag, upset about being labeled a cry baby and other revelations, declared his readiness to leave the show and offered to pay a penalty of Rs 2 crores.

Bigg Boss 17 has been marked by emotional moments and conflicts leading contestants to contemplate leaving the house. The dynamics between housemates, personal struggles, and relationship issues have contributed to these instances of voluntary exits or desires to exit the show.

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