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“There is a ‘bhatakti atma’ in Maharashtra…”, Says PM Modi

A day after terming Sharad Pawar as a wandering soul, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday continued his attack on the NCP leader, saying he did not do much for farmer while being the Union agriculture minister.

“When a big Maharashtra leader was Union agriculture minister, farmers used to make rounds of sugarcane commission for their arrears,” PM Modi said at a rally in Malshiras of Solapur district in Maharashtra.

“There is a ‘bhatakti atma’ (wandering soul) in Maharashtra. If it does not manage success it spoils others’ good work. Maharashtra has been a victim of it,” PM Modi had said at a rally on Monday, hitting out at Sharad Pawar without taking his name.

“This game was started by the same leader 45 years ago. It was just for his own ambition that Maharashtra has always been an unstable state. As a result, several chief ministers could not complete their full term,” PM Modi had said.

At the Malshiras rally Tuesday, PM Modi asked voters not to waste their vote by giving it to Congress and other opposition parties.

“Why waste your vote by giving it to those who are not contesting even the minimum number of seats needed for a simple majority in Lok Sabha,” he said.

He asserted that when there is a strong government in the country, its focus is on the present as well as the future.

PM Modi said people are seeing the difference between his government’s 10 years and Congress’s rule of 60 years.

Congress leaders kept talking about eradicating poverty in every poll but would not do anything after that, he said.

PM Modi said that in the last 10 years, his government was able to bring 25 crore people out of poverty and 80 crore are getting free ration. 

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