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Sushmita Sen Sets the Record Straight: No Wedding Bells with Lalit Modi

Sushmita Sen has stepped into the limelight once again, addressing the swirling rumors about her relationship with Lalit Modi. The former Miss Universe, whose elegance has transcended decades, recently spoke out on her supposed wedding plans with Modi, debunking speculations and putting trolls in their place.

Sen, known for her grace both on and off the screen, found herself in the midst of gossip after sharing captivating vacation snapshots with Lalit Modi. Despite Modi’s public declaration of love, Sushmita opted for a dignified silence until now.

In a candid interview with Mid-day, when asked about the possibility of marrying Lalit Modi, Sushmita Sen responded with her trademark poise. “If I was going to marry someone, I would be married to them. I don’t try. Either I do it or I don’t,” she asserted, reaffirming her commitment to authenticity.

Addressing the storm that followed her viral photos, Sen took to Instagram with a powerful post. Responding to accusations of being a ‘gold-digger,’ she emphasized the unity found in nature and expressed disappointment in the divisive narratives surrounding her life. In her characteristic style, Sen declared, “I dig deeper than Gold… and I’ve always (famously) preferred Diamonds!”

Explaining the motivation behind her Instagram post, Sushmita clarified that silence shouldn’t be misconstrued as weakness. She wanted to convey that she finds amusement in the face of adversity and is unfazed by the opinions of naysayers. “I just wanted to put out one post to let people know that I’m laughing. After that, I was just done with it,” she shared.

Turning the spotlight to her professional endeavors, Sushmita Sen has been winning hearts with her recent projects, ‘Taali’ and ‘Aarya 3.’ Rumors are also swirling about a possible rekindling of her romance with ex-boyfriend Rohman Shawl, as the two have been spotted together at recent Diwali festivities.

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