Suga’s’ Savage’ response to an internet user who begged him to speak in English is dubbed the ‘Taehyung effect’ by BTS fans.


Suga of BTS responded to an internet fan who begged him to speak in English with a ‘very savage’ reaction. The rapper’s reaction has been dubbed the ‘Taehyung impact’ by fans.

Suga, a member of BTS, met with his fans after his show in Rosemont, Illinois. On Sunday, Suga held a live session on Weverse and discussed the concert. He also replied to an internet user who requested that he speak in English. Suga told the crowd in Korean, “Today the tension (energy) of the crowd was great, so it was great.” 

Suga stated on his health, “I’m quite healthy, and my condition is also great.” My throat is gradually acclimating.” “It’s been ten years since I’ve been an artist; don’t I have to do this much live?” he added. Suga responded to a fan’s request to visit Mexico by saying, “Go to Mexico? I also want to go to Mexico, specifically to eat tacos. “I adore Mexican food.”

Suga asked about his most recent show, “How was the concert?” It was entertaining. Was it not for you, the audience? It was enjoyable from the performer’s perspective.” When requested to talk in English, Suga said, “No, I don’t want to.” “I’m going to speak in Korean.” A fan responded to his remark on Twitter, writing, “Channelling his inner Taehyung.” I love how vicious they’ve all become in their weverse since Taehyung’s last live. Taehyung’s influence.”


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