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Successful Rescue of 41 Workers from Uttarkashi Tunnel, PM Modi Commends Bravery

In a momentous achievement, 41 workers who were trapped in Uttarkashi’s Silkyara tunnel for 17 days were successfully rescued on Tuesday night, sparking large-scale celebrations. The multi-agency rescue operation concluded after the rat-miners cleared the final stretch of debris, allowing pipes to be pushed inside the tunnel.

All 41 rescued workers were airlifted to AIIMS Rishikesh by an Indian Air Force aircraft, Chinook. The condition of the workers is reported to be fine, and they are receiving a normal diet at the hospital.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami announced a financial incentive of Rs 50,000 for each of the rescued workers. The workers are currently undergoing medical examinations at Chinyalisaur Hospital, nearly 30 km away from the tunnel site, and will be discharged upon stabilization and medical approval.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally spoke to the rescued workers over the phone, enquiring about their well-being and congratulating them. He commended their bravery and determination, stating, “Your courage and patience are inspiring everyone. I wish you all well and good health.”

CM Dhami expressed his joy at the success of the rescue operation, sharing his happiness for the workers and their families. The workers, trapped in the tunnel, were lauded for their courage and patience during the challenging period.

The prime minister assured the workers that their families, the entire nation, and even foreign leaders were concerned about their well-being. He concluded the conversation by wishing them good health and congratulating them once again on their successful rescue.

The Uttarkashi Tunnel incident had garnered widespread attention, and the successful rescue has been hailed as a remarkable achievement in the face of adversity.

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