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Start-Up CEO Suchana Seth Arrested for Alleged Murder of Four-Year-Old Son

In a shocking turn of events, Suchana Seth, the CEO of the artificial intelligence start-up Mindful AI Lab, was arrested in Karnataka’s Chitradurga on Monday with the lifeless body of her four-year-old son discovered in a bag. The motive behind this tragic incident remains unknown, but authorities are pointing to her strained relationship with her estranged husband, Venkat Raman, as a potential factor in the alleged crime.

The 39-year-old CEO, currently going through divorce proceedings with her husband, was apprehended by the Chitradurga police. Superintendent of Police, North Goa, Nidhin Valsan, revealed that the divorce proceedings were in their final stages, adding a layer of complexity to the unfolding tragedy.

During the interrogation, Suchana Seth informed the police about the difficulties in her relationship with her husband and expressed discontent with a recent court order. Notably, her husband was in Indonesia when the incident occurred, and authorities have contacted him to return to India.

The investigation is underway, with security camera footage from the relevant hotel being scrutinized, and forensic experts collecting evidence to piece together the circumstances surrounding the alleged murder.

The crime came to light when the apartment staff noticed bloodstains in the room recently vacated by Suchana Seth. Promptly alerting the Goa police, they initiated contact with the taxi driver who had transported her. Inconsistencies arose when questioned about her son’s whereabouts, as she claimed he was with a friend at an address that later proved to be false.

Taking swift action, the police directed the taxi driver to divert to the nearest police station in Chitradurga. Upon arrival, Suchana Seth was apprehended, and the lifeless body of her son was tragically found inside the bag she had been carrying.

She is now back in Goa for further questioning as investigators aim to unravel the details surrounding this distressing incident. The community awaits answers as authorities work to comprehend the motivations behind this deeply saddening crime.

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