Shraddha murder case: ‘No regret if hanged, will get hoors in Jannat,’ says Aftab

Shraddha murder case: ‘No regret if hanged, will get hoors in Jannat,’ says Aftab
Shraddha murder case: ‘No regret if hanged, will get hoors in Jannat,’ says Aftab

New Delhi: As per a police source quoted by Dainik Jagran, Aftab Amin Poonawalla, the prime accused in Shraddha Walkar murder case has made stunning revelations during the polygraph test. According to the police official, he has stated that even if he is hanged for the murder of Shraddha, he would not be sorry since he will be remembered as a hero when he enters paradise and will be offered ‘Hoors’ in ‘Jannat.’ Aftab also admitted to having affairs with over 20 Hindu girls during his relationship with Shraddha. Aftab’s radical worldview was reportedly on display in his police statement during the polygraph test.

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The police officer said that Aftab made these revelations following the questioning. He said that he had used the Bumble app to target Hindu women and lure them into a trap. After murdering Shraddha, Aftab had also invited a psychologist to his apartment. She was also a Hindu woman. He admitted to having given her a ring which belonged to Shraddha, in a bid to lure her into relationship. He also interacted with a number of other Hindu girls.

He said he didn’t feel bad about killing Shraddha and mutilating her body. After the questioning, he used to fall asleep easily. He allegedly told police that his plan was to kill Shraddha and slice her up in Mumbai itself.

According to the police officer, Aftab confessed some stunning truths during the polygraph examination. The police seek to establish these findings following the narco test. The information provided by Aftab during the polygraph is very helpful to the investigation. After the test, five knives were found in his residence. In addition, it’s anticipated that further proof will be acquired soon.

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Polygraph test of Aftab

Aftab has recently undergone a polygraph test at the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), Rohini in New Delhi. The reports of the test are yet to be released.

A Delhi court ordered the police to complete the narco-analysis test within five days and warned them not to use any third-degree measures. The polygraph examination will be followed by the narco test. Notably, Aftab has consented to a narco test. Notably, during the police interrogation, Aftab gave contradictory statements, prompting Delhi Police to conduct the narco test. The Delhi Police approached the court and sought permission to conduct the narco test.

Shraddha murder case

On November 14, the Delhi Police solved the six-month-old murder case and arrested Aftab Amin Poonawala over allegations of murdering his live-in partner, and then chopping her into 35 pieces. Aftab executed the murder on May 18 and stored her body parts in the refrigerator. He then disposed of the body pieces in Delhi’s Mehrauli forest during the next 18 days. Aftab was arrested based on the complaint filed by Shraddha Walkar’s father on November 10.

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