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Security Breach: Saudi Police Officer Approaches UAE President in Delhi Hotel

Saudi Arabian police officer entered the Taj Mansingh Hotel in central Delhi, where UAE President Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan was staying, in an attempt to seek help for his ailing brother. The incident occurred on the same day as a previous security breach involving a car from US President Joe Biden’s convoy at the same hotel.

Details of the incident are as follows:

  1. Incident Overview: A Saudi Arabian national, identified as a police officer, traveled to India and reached the Taj Mansingh Hotel in central Delhi. His purpose was to meet UAE President Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and request assistance for his brother, who was receiving treatment for a terminal illness in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Security Clearance: The individual arrived at the hotel in a hotel car that had a G20 security clearance sticker. This clearance allowed him access to the hotel premises.
  3. Attempt to Approach UAE President: After waiting in the hotel lobby for an extended period, the man attempted to approach the UAE President to convey his request for help. However, he was intercepted by the President’s security detail.
  4. Interaction with Security In-Charge: Following the initial encounter, the individual had a discussion with the security in-charge responsible for the UAE President’s safety.
  5. Meeting with UAE President: After the interaction with the security team, the man was eventually permitted to meet the UAE President.
  6. Custody and Interrogation: Subsequently, the Delhi police took the individual into custody. He underwent hours of interrogation by various investigative agencies to ascertain the details and intentions behind his actions.
  7. Security Clearance Stickers: It was revealed that the Delhi police had issued G20 security clearance stickers for hotel taxis, which may have contributed to the individual’s access to the hotel premises.

This incident raises concerns about security protocols during high-profile events like the G20 Summit and the presence of foreign dignitaries. Authorities have since tightened security measures to prevent further breaches and ensure the safety of VIP guests.

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