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Salman Khan’s ‘Tiger 3’ Takes a Explosive Turn: Fans Burst Crackers in Nashik Theatre

In a shocking incident during the Diwali release of Salman Khan’s much-anticipated ‘Tiger 3,’ fervent fans ignited chaos inside a Nashik theatre by setting off dangerous fireworks, causing panic, injuries, and a stampede-like situation.

Videos circulating online depict the moment when a handful of overenthusiastic fans disrupted the film’s screening in Malegaon, Maharashtra, with fireworks and smoke bombs. The atmosphere of the packed theatre quickly turned chaotic, prompting moviegoers to flee for safety amid whistles and cheers.

The viral videos have drawn criticism on social media, with viewers expressing concern over the reckless behavior that not only disrupted the cinematic experience but also led to injuries among the audience.

The incident has left theatre owners deeply concerned, prompting them to contemplate taking legal action against those responsible for such disruptions. They appealed to Salman Khan to intervene and request his fans to enjoy the movie responsibly without jeopardizing the safety of others.

This isn’t the first time such an incident has occurred during the release of a Salman Khan movie. In 2021, a similar incident took place during ‘Antim: The Final Truth,’ prompting Salman Khan to address the issue on social media. He urged his fans not to bring fireworks into the auditorium, emphasizing the potential fire hazard and the risk it poses to lives.

Salman Khan, upon learning about the recent incident, issued a plea to his fans to refrain from such actions and emphasized the importance of enjoying the film without putting anyone at risk.

With the Box Office success of ‘Tiger 3,’ earning a record Rs 54 Crore on Day 2, the disruptive actions of a few fans threaten to overshadow the film’s achievements. Salman Khan’s sincere request to fans is clear: enjoy the movie, but do so responsibly, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of everyone in the cinema hall.

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