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Rohit Sharma’s Coin Toss Tactics Questioned: Ex-Pakistan Cricketer Seeks BCCI Answers

The Cricket World Cup 2023 has become a ground for conspiracy theories, and this time, the spotlight is on Rohit Sharma’s coin toss technique. Former Pakistan cricketer Sikander Bakht, not a stranger to controversy himself, has stirred the pot by suggesting foul play in Rohit’s toss-flipping style.

This isn’t the first instance of speculative claims emerging from Pakistan during the tournament. Hasan Raza’s earlier allegation about India getting preferential cricket balls drew criticism from both sides of the border, with cricketing legends like Wasim Akram advising restraint.

As social media buzzed with videos allegedly showing Rohit flipping the coin far from the watchful eyes of captains and referees, a new theory took flight. Pakistan fans claim Rohit strategically tosses the coin to prevent opposing captains from discerning the outcome, potentially influencing match decisions in India’s favor.

Sikander Bakht, with his cricketing experience, voiced his concerns during a Geo News appearance and emphasized the issue on social media. His post on X, where he tagged the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), demanded an explanation for Rohit’s unique toss style.

It’s essential to note that not every toss has resulted in Rohit’s favor, debunking the notion of a systematic advantage. Bakht’s remarks, laced with a touch of mischief, also acknowledge the entertainment value he brings to the conversation.

This isn’t the first time the World Cup has seen offbeat suggestions. Former Pakistan captain Mohammad Hafeez previously proposed using the spidercam for transparent toss displays, emphasizing the need for openness without casting doubt on anyone’s integrity.

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