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Rohit Sharma Urges Silence on Pitch Critics After 2-Day Test

After the swift conclusion of the India vs South Africa second Test in just two days, Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma expressed frustration with critics of Indian pitches, urging them to “keep their mouths shut.” While not directly criticizing the pitch, Sharma defended the challenging conditions, emphasizing the importance of embracing the difficulty in Test cricket.

“We all saw what happened in this Test match and how the pitch played. I honestly don’t mind playing on pitches like these. As long as everyone keeps their mouth shut and don’t talk too much about Indian pitches,” stated Rohit Sharma.

Addressing the criticism of Indian pitches as dust bowls, Sharma highlighted the need for neutrality, especially from match referees when rating pitches. He called for a fair assessment based on the actual conditions rather than biased judgments tied to specific countries.

“I hope they keep their ears open, they keep their eyes open and look into those aspects of the game. Honestly, I’m all for pitches like this. We want to challenge playing on pitches like this. We pride ourselves playing on pitches like this. Uh, but all I wanna say is be neutral,” emphasized Sharma.

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