Revamp of India’s Telecom Tariff Structure

Gopal Vittal Calls for Industry-wide Tariff Revisions to Address Current Pricing Imbalance


Gopal Vittal, CEO of Bharti Airtel, one of India’s leading telecom operators, has expressed his concern over the existing pricing structure in the country’s telecommunications sector, deeming it “broken.” Vittal emphasized the need for industry-wide revisions in tariff plans, urging for a shift towards a more balanced and sustainable pricing model.

In his remarks, Vittal stressed the importance of offering differentiated plans that provide greater value to consumers. He suggested a tiered pricing approach, where a basic plan at a lower price point offers limited services, while higher-priced plans progressively offer more benefits. Vittal proposed a structure that includes affordable options starting at ₹100, mid-range plans at ₹200 with additional features, and premium packages priced at ₹1,000, offering substantial benefits.

The CEO’s call for tariff revisions reflects the challenges faced by telecom operators in India’s highly competitive market. As providers strive to meet growing consumer expectations and invest in network infrastructure, a well-balanced pricing structure becomes essential to sustain the industry’s growth and profitability.

Vittal’s observations highlight the need for industry players to work collectively towards tariff adjustments that align with the evolving dynamics of the telecom sector. A fair and sustainable pricing framework can enable operators to continue investing in network enhancements, improving service quality, and driving innovation.

While Vittal’s comments shed light on the prevailing issues, it remains to be seen how the industry and regulatory bodies will respond to the call for tariff reforms. As the telecommunications landscape evolves and consumer demands evolve with it, finding a harmonious balance between affordability and sustainable growth becomes a priority for the sector’s stakeholders.

In conclusion, Gopal Vittal, CEO of Bharti Airtel, has voiced concerns regarding the broken state of India’s telecom tariff structure. He emphasized the need for an industry-wide shift towards a more balanced and sustainable pricing model, with tiered plans offering varying benefits at different price points. This call for tariff revisions reflects the challenges faced by telecom operators in a highly competitive market. Addressing these issues and finding a pricing framework that supports growth and investment is crucial for the long-term viability of the telecommunications sector in India.


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