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Residential Roads in Faridabad Transformed Into Dumping Grounds

The municipal committee’s inadequate and ineffective handling of solid waste has resulted in a decline in the city’s hygienic conditions. Garbage is still thrown on the sides of the road despite waste management efforts costing crores of rupees. This casts doubt on the city’s designation as a “smart city” in official documents. Anyone who disposes of rubbish in the open ought to face severe consequences. Sirohi Narender, Faridabad

The following image, which was taken at 7.30 am in the Sector 20 Grain Market in Panchkula, demonstrates the blatant disregard for the law by the authorities when it comes to stopping electricity waste. What could be the reason for these lights remaining on well past sunrise? Who cares, though? Gupt, Kumar, Panchkula

THE 26 courtrooms in the Karnal judicial complex are inadequate after new judges were appointed here. In the old court complex, the buildings housing the subordinate courts and the session’s court were separate. But in the new judicial complex, both courts are together, creating a lot of confusion as the litigants, who cannot differentiate one from the other. The Punjab and Haryana High Court and the Haryana Government should construct a new building in the judicial complex with at least 10 courtrooms for the session’s court for the convenience of judges, lawyers and litigants. —Shakti Singh, Karnal

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