Ravichandran Ashwin Reflects on Changing Dynamics in Cricket: From Friends to Colleagues


In a candid conversation, renowned Indian cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin shared his thoughts on the evolving dynamics within the cricketing fraternity. When asked about seeking help or engaging in open discussions with fellow cricketers, Ashwin highlighted the shift from a time when teammates were friends to the present era where everyone is simply seen as colleagues. The veteran spinner lamented the lack of personal connections and expressed how the demands of the modern game have impacted camaraderie among players.

Ashwin, known for his astute observations and insightful comments, offered a glimpse into the changing landscape of professional cricket. With the sport evolving rapidly and the demands of international competition becoming more intense, players often find themselves immersed in their own individual pursuits. The days of close-knit friendships within teams, where players genuinely cared about each other’s well-being both on and off the field, seem to have become a rarity.

Reflecting on the past, Ashwin reminisced about a time when cricket was more than just a profession—it was a passion that brought teammates together as friends. The camaraderie shared within the team created a supportive environment where players relied on each other for guidance, motivation, and genuine friendship. However, as cricket has become increasingly competitive and commercially driven, the focus has shifted towards individual performance and success.

In the present era, Ashwin emphasized that players view each other more as colleagues rather than friends. The demands of international cricket, coupled with the hectic schedules and constant scrutiny, have left little room for personal connections to flourish. Players often find themselves engrossed in their own preparations, honing their skills, and striving for individual milestones. In this competitive atmosphere, the opportunity for genuine camaraderie and open conversations has diminished.

Ashwin touched upon the challenges of building personal relationships within the cricketing fraternity today. He expressed his belief that the busy schedules and constant pressures have limited the time available for players to connect on a deeper level. The demands of the game have created an environment where personal conversations and moments of genuine bonding have become a luxury that few can afford.

Gone are the days when players would have ample time to catch up with each other, share experiences, and offer support. The fast-paced nature of the modern game, coupled with the demands of professional commitments, has created a sense of isolation among players. Ashwin lamented the lack of opportunities for teammates to genuinely inquire about each other’s lives and well-being, acknowledging that time constraints often prevent such interactions.

Despite the changing dynamics within cricket, Ashwin acknowledged that the evolution of the game has also brought new opportunities and experiences. The rise of social media platforms and technological advancements has allowed players to connect with their fans and share their journeys in unique ways. While personal connections among teammates may have become less frequent, players now have the chance to engage with their supporters on a larger scale.


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