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Rakhi Sawant Reveals Reasons for Adil Khan Durrani’s Jail Time, Disputes Involvement

Rakhi Sawant has clarified that her estranged husband Adil Khan Durrani’s six-month jail term was not related to her. Speaking at a press conference, Rakhi stated that Adil was imprisoned due to a case filed by his Iranian girlfriend. She made this revelation following her earlier accusations of being tortured and abused by Adil during their marriage.

Rakhi explained, “Is everybody not aware that the last few months that he was in jail wasn’t because of Rakhi Sawant? His Irani girlfriend filed a rape case against him there. He wasn’t there because of me.”

During the press conference, Rakhi also detailed her experiences of alleged abuse during their marriage. She disclosed, “For me, he was in jail for 22 days because he beat me up, tortured me. I saw in my house he was having sex with other girls, with men too. He tried to beat me in Dubai, here too. I was silent.”

Rakhi further accused Adil of deceit and infidelity, claiming that he had a former girlfriend whom he concealed his marital status from. She revealed that the girlfriend was unaware of his marriage to Rakhi and that Adil had assaulted her as well.

In addition, Rakhi shared that Adil had met prominent Bollywood figures such as Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Farah Khan. She asserted that she introduced Adil to Salman Khan during the IIFA awards last year.

Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani’s marriage had gained attention earlier this year. However, their relationship turned sour, with Rakhi filing an FIR against Adil, accusing him of domestic violence, financial mishandling, and torture. Adil’s arrest followed in February. Following his recent release on bail, he made several claims against Rakhi in the media.

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