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Rahul Gandhi Taken into Custody for 30-45 Minutes, Know Why?

The Sultanpur court awarded Congress leader Rahul Gandhi bail on Tuesday in a 2018 defamation case filed by BJP politician Vijay Mishra over the former’s statements on Home Minister Amit Shah. According to his lawyer, the judge held him in jail for 30-45 minutes.

Speaking about Rahul’s bail, counsel Santosh Pandey stated, “He (Rahul Gandhi) surrendered in court today. He surrendered, and the court detained him for 30 to 45 minutes. Following that, his bail application was presented and accepted by the court. The additional date has not yet been announced. His lawyer stated that he is innocent and has not made any defamatory statements…”.

Pandey added that Rahul Gandhi  could be given a maximum punishment of 2 years if sufficient evidence was found against him. Rahul was granted bail by Judge Yogesh Yadav after filling bail bonds.

The defamation case was filed against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for allegedly making objectionable comments against Shah at a press conference in Bengaluru on May 8 that year. Amit Shah was the BJP president when Gandhi made the remark. Rahul Gandhi attacked the BJP and said that the party claimed to believe in honest and clean politics but has a party president who is an “accused” in a murder case.

Reacting to the development Mishra told ANI,”I was the vice president of BJP when this incident happened. Rahul Gandhi had accused Amit Shah in Bengaluru that he is a murderer. When I heard these allegations, I felt very pained because I am a 33-year-old worker of the party. I filed a complaint regarding this through my lawyer and this continued for almost 5 years…”

“The BJP is the biggest party of the country. Calling its (then) president a murderer is unjustifiable,” he added.

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