Punjab raises power costs, but the CM doesn’t bother

CM Bhagwant Mann Promises Government's Support in Bearing the Cost


In a recent announcement, the Punjab government disclosed an upward revision in power tariffs, set to take effect from Tuesday. The revised tariff structure entails additional fixed charges of ₹15 per kilowatt for domestic consumers, accompanied by a variable per unit tariff ranging from 25 to 80 paise. Commercial consumers, on the other hand, will experience a hike of 28 to 46 paise per unit.

Addressing concerns over the potential burden on the common man, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann sought to allay fears by assuring citizens that the increase in power tariffs would not significantly impact their expenses. He pledged that the government would shoulder the added cost to prevent undue hardship on the residents of Punjab.

The decision to raise power tariffs is aimed at balancing the financial needs of the power sector and ensuring sustainable electricity supply in the state. The additional fixed charges will contribute to supporting infrastructure development and maintenance, while the variable per unit tariffs reflect the cost of generating electricity.

CM Bhagwant Mann’s commitment to mitigating the impact on the common man underscores the government’s dedication to protecting the interests of its citizens. By shouldering the increased cost, the government aims to minimize the financial burden on households and ensure that access to affordable electricity remains a priority.

The revised power tariff structure, though met with mixed reactions, represents the government’s effort to strike a balance between maintaining an efficient power sector and safeguarding the welfare of the people. As the new tariff comes into effect, it is expected that the government will closely monitor the situation and make necessary adjustments to ensure the affordability and accessibility of electricity for all residents of Punjab.


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