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Pune Teen Submits Essay on Road Safety

A 17-year-old boy from Pune, involved in a car crash that killed two tech workers, has submitted a 300-word essay on road safety as part of his bail conditions. The accident happened on May 19 in Kalyani Nagar when the boy, allegedly driving a Porsche while drunk, collided with a two-wheeler, resulting in the deaths of two software engineers.

Following the accident, the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) initially placed the teen in the care of his parents and asked him to write the essay. However, after public outrage over his seemingly lenient bail terms, the police requested a review. Consequently, the JJB sent him to an observation home on May 22. Later, the Bombay High Court found his detention unlawful and ordered his release, highlighting the need to follow juvenile justice laws correctly.

The boy submitted his essay to the JJB on Wednesday, according to an official from the news agency PTI.

In a related development, a Pune court granted bail on July 2 to the boy’s father, Vishal Agarwal, a well-known builder, and his grandfather. They were accused of kidnapping and wrongfully confining their family driver, attempting to force him to take responsibility for the crash. They allegedly kidnapped the driver hours after the accident, confined him in their bungalow, and tried to make him say he was driving the car.

After the crash, there were multiple attempts by the boy’s influential family to cover up the incident. These attempts included switching his blood samples at the hospital during a sobriety test. The family’s actions led to a massive public outcry across the country, with people demanding justice for the victims.

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