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Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies Hike Commercial LPG Cylinder Prices

In a recent development, the Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have made a significant adjustment to the pricing of commercial LPG cylinders. Effective immediately, the prices of commercial LPG cylinders have been raised by Rs 209.

This change comes on the heels of a previous reduction in prices by Rs 158, which occurred approximately a month ago. Notably, both commercial and domestic LPG cylinder prices undergo monthly revisions on the first day of each month. As a result, the new pricing for commercial LPG gas cylinders has already taken effect.

While commercial LPG prices experienced an upward adjustment, the rates for domestic LPG cylinders, commonly used in household kitchens for cooking, have remained steady at Rs 903 per 14.2-kg cylinder. Additionally, the prices of petrol and diesel have remained unchanged at Rs 96.72 per litre and Rs 89.62 per litre, respectively, in the national capital.

Here’s an overview of the updated prices for commercial LPG cylinders in various major cities:

Delhi: Rs 1,731.50

Mumbai: Rs 1,684

Lucknow: Rs 1,845

Chennai: Rs 1,898

Bengaluru: Rs 1,813

Kolkata: Rs 1,839

The recent increase in commercial LPG cylinder prices by Rs 209 signifies an adjustment in response to market dynamics. Consumers, both in commercial and domestic sectors, should stay informed about these monthly revisions to manage their budgets effectively.

Meanwhile, the prices of domestic LPG, petrol, and diesel have remained stable, providing some relief to consumers in these challenging times. Keep an eye on future updates as the energy market continues to evolve.

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Source: English Jagran 

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