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President Droupadi Murmu’s Address: India’s 77th Independence Day Eve

President Droupadi Murmu praised India’s GDP growth despite hurdles on Monday, claiming that a big number of people have risen out of poverty in the recent decade. President Murmu addressed the country on the eve of India’s 77th Independence Day, praising India’s space agency ISRO for reaching new heights and setting higher standards of excellence.

Concerning India’s progress in the space project, she stated that the objectives of the ‘new India’ have unlimited dimensions and that the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) continues to scale new heights and set higher standards of excellence.

“This year, ISRO launched Chandrayaan-3, and its lander ‘Vikram’ and rover ‘Pragyan’ are scheduled to land on the moon in the coming days.” “It will be an honour for all of us, and I am looking forward to it,” she remarked.

“However, the moon mission is only a stepping stone for our future space programmes.” “We must go far ahead,” the president stated.

She also urged the indigenous community to embrace modernity while enriching their traditions.

“There are specific programmes in place to improve tribals’ conditions and encourage them to join the progress journey.” I encourage our tribal brothers and sisters to strengthen their traditions while still embracing modernity.”

According to Murmu, India has turned obstacles into opportunities and achieved high GDP growth. “Farmers have significantly contributed to our economic growth, and the nation feels indebted to them,” she remarked.

“Global inflation remains a source of concern.” However, in India, the government and the Reserve Bank have managed to keep it under control. The government has been successful in shielding the common people from rising inflation while also providing a broader security net for the impoverished. “For global economic growth, the world looks to India,” she remarked.

President Murmu highlighted the significance of the G20 Summit in India, saying the grouping represents two-thirds of the world population, and that India has a unique opportunity to assist influence global discourse in the correct direction.

She stated that India has not only reclaimed its due place on the global stage, but has also improved its standing in the international system.

“During my visits and interactions with members of the Indian diaspora, I have noticed a new confidence in the India story.” “India is playing a critical role in promoting developmental and humanitarian goals around the world,” she remarked.

“With the G20 presidency, India can nudge trade and finance decision-making towards more equitable progress.” “Aside from trade and finance, human development is also on the agenda,” Murmu remarked.

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