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Prayagraj Police Launches ‘Operation Black Giraffe’ to Target Mafias and Seize Illicit Assets

Operation Black Giraffe has been started by Prayagraj police to locate the homes and other assets of the mafia, criminals, and history sheeters in the area. Police have started a campaign to look into and seize the movable and immovable assets of mafias as part of the effort. By halting the flow of the mafias’ illicit revenue, the operation aims to reduce their financial power and neutralise their influence.

According to officials, police will track down mafia properties and benami assets and seize them to combat organised crime. According to officials, land mafias are the focus of special attention. DCPs will be in charge of Operation Black Giraffe’s actions, and senior police officers would oversee them.

Following the deaths of Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf, many of his competitors and former gang members have become active in claiming their territories. Additionally, certain land gangs associated with them are engaged in stealing private as well as public properties.

Such individuals will be identified and action will be taken against them as part of Operation Black Giraffe. Police will also identify gangsters, history sheeters, and current offenders and take preventative action against them.

Operation Black Giraffe, according to police officials, is already underway. Some of Atiq’s benami properties have been identified, and a Jhunsi mafia member, Ganesh Yadav, has been arrested.

Police had discovered Atiq’s ownership of a hotel in the Shahganj neighbourhood as well as a land parcel in the Minhajpur neighbourhood in the name of his wife Shaista Parveen as part of the operation. Soon, these properties will be joined.

According to police officials, the operation is called Black Giraffe because giraffes have long necks that make it easy for them to see their surroundings. In order to monitor illegal properties and black money, police will also take on the role of a giraffe.

Many of Atiq and other mafias’ properties, according to Prayagraj police commissioner Ramit Sharma, have already been attached. In the upcoming days, more action would be done, he added.

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Source: HT

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