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Praveen Kumar Plays Down Gambhir-Sreesanth Clash, Calls for Caution Against Reactions

Former India pacer Praveen Kumar has downplayed the recent on-field clash between Sreesanth and Gautam Gambhir during a Legends League Cricket (LLC) match, urging fans and social media not to blow the incident out of proportion. The heated exchange occurred during an Eliminator match between Indian Capitals and Gujarat Giants, leading to on-field umpires intervening to separate the players.

Praveen Kumar, who played 68 ODIs and six Tests for India, emphasized that such incidents are a natural part of the game and should be treated as such. He urged caution against sensationalizing the issue and creating unnecessary hype on social media. Kumar stated, “These are part and parcels of the game, there is no need for creating hype around these types of incidents. This should remain on the ground only and shouldn’t be carried beyond that.”

Kumar assured that situations like these typically resolve themselves once players step off the field, emphasizing that there is no lasting enmity between the players involved. He playfully commented, “Everything becomes fine once players step outside (Ground par ho jaati hai tu tu main main, bahar jakr sab thik).” He also added, “There is no enmity, bullets haven’t been fired either (Koi dushmani thodi hai, goliyan thodi chali hain), social media shouldn’t hype this.”

Following the clash, Sreesanth took to social media to accuse Gambhir of misconduct, prompting a cryptic response from the left-handed batter. LLC announced that it would conduct an internal investigation into the incident to determine if there was a violation of the league’s Code of Conduct. The league affirmed that necessary action would be taken against any breaches.

In response to Sreesanth’s social media rant against Gambhir, the LLC commissioner served the former pacer with a legal notice on Friday. The notice comes as part of the league’s efforts to address the matter and maintain adherence to the Code of Conduct.

The LLC clash between the two World Cup-winning players has stirred discussions, emphasizing the need for a measured response and avoiding unnecessary sensationalism surrounding on-field confrontations.

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