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PM Modi’s Critique of Opposition: OROP and Counter-Terrorism at Forefront, NDA’s Promises…

In a scathing attack on Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that India’s enemies have taken advantage whenever there has been a weak and an unstable government in the country, but terrorists are now given a befitting response “on their own turf”.

“Whenever there has been a weak and an unstable government in the country, enemies have taken advantage of it. Terrorism spread its tentacles here. But under the strong Modi government, terrorists are being killed in their very homes.”

Modi reminded people that the BJP government scrapped Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir after six decades. “It is the BJP government that made a law against Triple Talaq, and it is the BJP government which gave reservation to women in Lok Sabha and state assemblies. If the Congress had been in power, the ‘One Rank, One Pension’ scheme would never have started. It happened because of Modi’s guarantee. The Congress had said it would give ₹500 crore to ex-servicemen, but the Modi government deposited ₹1 lakh crore in their accounts, including families of 3,500 ex-servicemen in Uttarakhand,” he said.

The BJP government at the Centre also ensured that soldiers get bullet-proof jackets, he said, adding that “modern ‘Made in India’ rifles and fighter planes were made available to security forces” under NDA.

Modi said weak governments under Congress could not build modern infrastructure in border areas, but “now roads and tunnels are being built in border areas”. “Unlike Congress, which termed border villages as last villages, BJP is developing them as first villages.”

Touching upon the topic of direct benefit transfers (DBT), the Prime Minister said that money meant for the poor and youths was stolen by middlemen during the Congress rule. “BJP is directly transferring money in their accounts… ₹2,600 crores have been deposited in the accounts of farmers. During the Congress rule, all this money would have been looted. This loot has ended now. And this is why they are upset with me… When I say ‘remove corruption’, they say ‘save the corrupt’. Isn’t it destructive for India? Shouldn’t it end, shouldn’t India be free of corruption? For me, my Bharat is my family,” he said.

Stating that the Congress is opposed to ‘Vikas’ (development) and ‘Virasat’ (heritage), Modi said the grand old party even questioned the existence of Lord Ram. “They opposed the building of Ram Temple and created many impediments. We still forgave and invited them, but they boycotted the consecration ceremony. And now they have announced ‘Shakti ka Vinash’ (destruction of Shakti). Congress even said ‘Har ki Pauri is not on the Ganga but on a canal’. The people of Uttarakhand should teach them a lesson for this. This is the land of Brahmakamal. So, this time also, the people of Uttarakhand will help in the blooming of the ‘Panch Kamal’ (referring to the five Lok Sabha seats in the state). We have resolved to create a developed India and for this, we want a developed Uttarakhand.”

State Congress vice president Mathura Dutt Joshi said like his election rally in Kumaon on April 2, PM Modi has again tried to divert the attention of the people from main issues by attacking the Congress. “By levelling baseless allegations against the Congress, Modi is again trying to mislead people and avoid talking about pressing issues such as corruption, unemployment, worsening law and order situation, disaster related issues, etc.”

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(Source: HT)

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