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PM Modi Challenges Mamata Banerjee’s TMC in Bengal: ‘Ei Baar, NDA Sarkar 400 Paar’

Narendra Modi addressed a BJP rally in Krishnanagar, West Bengal, on Saturday, criticizing the TMC government’s top priorities as ‘corruption, nepotism, and betrayal’. Here are the top ten quotes by PM Modi at the political rally.

  • “The way TMC is working here, they have disappointed the people of West Bengal. People have continuously voted for TMC but this party has become another name for atrocities and betrayal.”
  • “For TMC, the priority is not the development of Bengal, but corruption, nepotism and betrayal, corruption. TMC wants to keep the people of Bengal poor so that its politics continues, its game continues…”
  • Noting how the chief minister Mamata Banerjee used women as her vote bank, Modi says “Using the slogan of ‘Maa, Maati, Manush’, the TMC govt used the women of Bengal as a vote-bank. Today, Maa, Maati as well as Maanush, all are displeased by the TMC mode of governance.
  • Referring to the Sandeshkhali incident, he said, the women of Sandeshkhali kept asking for justice, yet the govt did not hear them. In Bengal, the police do not decide when a criminal must be arrested, It’s the criminal who decides everything for himself. The state govt did not want the accused in the Sandeshkhali incident to be arrested…”
  • Further thanking people for showing up in large numbers at the political rally he said it is giving a clear message, ‘Ei baar, NDA Sarkar 400 paar’.
  • Speaking about Centre’s projects in Bengal, he said, “This is my second day in West Bengal and in these 2 days, I got the opportunity to hand over to you projects worth more than ₹22,000 crores…”
  • Later he slammed Mamata’s government for not letting people reap those benefits, “AIIMS was inaugurated by me via video conferencing in Kalyani of Nadia district a few days ago, but the West Bengal government has a problem with the construction of Kalyani AIIMS, they are asking why was the permission not taken?”
  • “In West Bengal, TMC’s goons and land mafias have been given open permission for hooliganism but the TMC govt is creating hurdles in environment-related permissions…”
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi says “The Central govt gives medical assistance worth ₹5 Lakh to the poor, but the TMC govt does not allow the people of Bengal to benefit from this Central initiative. We put in efforts to improve the medical condition of West Bengal. Before 2014, Bengal only had 14 govt Medical colleges. In the past 10 years, the number has almost doubled to 26…”

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