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PM Modi Applauds Indian-American’s Positive Outlook on Investment Climate

On November 26, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Indian-American entrepreneur and investor Balaji S Srinivasan for expressing confidence about India’s investment climate and reaffirmed the country’s commitment to innovation and welcome global investments.

Responding to Balaji’s post about India’s investment environment, the PM posted on social media platform X, formerly Twitter, “I love your optimism and will add – the people of India are trendsetters and trailblazers when it comes to innovation. We welcome the world to invest in our nation. India won’t disappoint.”

Balaji indicated an interest in investing in India, emphasizing the country’s potential for growth. His comments conveyed optimism about the country’s economic prospects and confidence in the chances for investment and expansion in the Indian market.

“If you see a startup growing, does that mean it doesn’t have any flaws? That it’s the best in the world? That you’re going to use it for everything right away? No, of course not. But you might start using it, and putting money into it, and talking about it to your friends. And that’s how I think about India — an ancient civilization that’s simultaneously like a startup country,” Balaji wrote on X.

In addition, the investor reacted to a social media user who claimed he was the “biggest cheerleader of India who does not stay in India.” Balaji emphasized that investment does not have to be restricted to a single region and emphasized the value of being an international investor who seeks the greatest people internationally. He expressed optimism in discovering considerable talent in India, which aligns with his optimistic view of the country’s investment climate.

Balaji noted that the diaspora was one of India’s assets in his lengthy piece, highlighting the fact that Indians were open to relocating wherever. He contrasted this with Westerners, who were typically less ready to relocate, and Chinese, who were increasingly prevented from relocating to nations where the Chinese state did not wield power.

This viewpoint highlighted the Indian diaspora’s worldwide mobility and flexibility, which was a beneficial aspect for India, according to Balaji.

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