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Palestinian Casualties As Netanyahu Vows To Resume War With ‘Full Force’

As the truce between Israel and Hamas enters its fifth day, tensions are escalating with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s warning of a full-force resumption of war if no more hostages are freed. The Biden administration has expressed caution, urging Israel to spare Palestinian civilians and avoid significant displacement in the event of a renewed offensive.

Initially agreed upon for four days, the truce has been extended by two more days, with Hamas fighters from Gaza agreeing to release additional hostages in an effort to delay the expected resumption of hostilities by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

The truce led to the release of 51 Israelis and 19 hostages of other nationalities, with a total of 150 Palestinians released from Israeli prisons. Israel has committed to extending the ceasefire for one day for every 10 additional hostages released.

As the world awaits the potential resumption of war, there is growing international pressure on Israel to spare Palestinian civilians. The released Palestinian prisoners so far have predominantly been teenagers accused of various charges related to confrontations with Israeli forces.

The Biden-led administration has warned Israel against “significant further displacement” and mass casualties among Palestinian civilians in southern Gaza. There is an emphasis on precision in military operations, especially in southern Gaza, where a large population has sought refuge in overflowing UN shelters.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is scheduled to visit the region for the third time since the start of the conflict. During his visit, he is expected to press for an extension of the truce and the release of more hostages, aiming to ease tensions and prevent further escalation.

Israel has reiterated its commitment to ending Hamas’ 16-year rule in Gaza and dismantling its military capabilities. Achieving these objectives may necessitate expanding the ground offensive from the already heavily affected northern Gaza to the south, where displaced populations have sought shelter.

The delicate situation in the region hangs in the balance as diplomatic efforts intensify to prolong the truce and address the concerns surrounding potential civilian casualties. The world watches closely as leaders navigate a complex path towards a sustainable resolution to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

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Source: Mint Live

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