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Over 1 Lakh Class 9 and 50,000 Class 11 Students Fail

Over one lakh Class 9 students in Delhi government schools failed their annual exams for the academic year 2023-24. In addition, almost 46,000 eighth-grade students and 50,000 eleventh-grade students were unable to pass the tests.

The Delhi Directorate of Education (DDE) gave this information in response to a PTI Bhasha correspondent’s Right to Information (RTI) Act application.

Delhi has 1,050 government schools and 37 Dr. BR Ambedkar School of Specialized.

According to the information received, 1,01,331 children studying in class 9 in Delhi government schools failed in the academic session 2023-24, while 88,409 students failed in 2022-23, 28,531 in 2021-22 and 31,540 in 2020-21.

In Class 11, 51,914 children failed in the academic session 2023-24, 54,755 in 2022-23, 7,246 in 2021-22 and only 2,169 children failed in 2020-21.

According to the DDE, after the cancellation of the ‘no-detention policy’ under the Right to Education, 46,622 students failed class VIII in the academic session 2023-24.

An official of the Delhi Education Department told PTI-Bhasha on the condition of anonymity, “Under the new ‘Promotion Policy’ of the Delhi government if the students of class V to VIII fail in the annual examination, they will not be promoted to the next class. But they will get another chance to improve their performance within two months through re-examination, he added.

He further said that to pass the re-examination, 25 per cent marks are required in each subject, failing which the student will be put in the ‘repeat category’ which means that the student will have to remain in the same class till the next session.

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