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Organ Racket Busted in Delhi, Details Inside

The Delhi Police has busted a human organ transplant racket arresting seven people, including a doctor, news agency ANI reported on Tuesday.

According to Delhi Police Commissioner Amit Goel, the ‘mastermind’ behind the case is Bangladeshi and both donors and receivers in the case were from Bangladesh. All the people in the racket are suspected of having links with Bangladesh.

In a statement, DCP Goel said, “We have arrested a person named Russell, who used to arrange patients and donors, and a female doctor involved in the transplant has also been arrested.”

Investigation of the seven people arrested in the case is still ongoing.

About the organ transplant racket, which has been going on since 2019, Goel said, “They used to charge ₹25-30 lakh for each transplant.”

The doctor who has been arrested, has links to two or three hospitals, according to the DCP.

“Her role in this case was that she was facilitating organ transplants even when she was aware that the donor and receiver were not blood relations, making her part of the conspiracy,” DCP Goel said.

According to India’s Transplantation of Human Organs Act (2014), organ donations are only allowed from immediate blood relations such as parents and siblings.

No Indian living donor can donate their organs to a foreign recipient unless they are a close relative of the recipient. Also a senior member of the recipient’s embassy has to certify the relation between them and the donor for it to be valid for transplant. These cases are also considered only if there is no Indian patient eligible for the organ donation.

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