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OP Jindal University establishes India’s first research center on G20 studies

OP Jindal global university on Tuesday announced the establishment of India’s first research center on G20 studies that will exclusively focus on research, thought leadership, and capacity-building initiatives relating to G20.

The move in the backdrop of India assuming the G20 presidency in December 2022 and will convene the G20 Leaders’ Summit for the first time in the country in 2023. The main objective of this newly developed center is to address issues relating to the global economy, especially on matters relating to international financial stability, climate mitigation, and sustainable development

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the University said that the Jindal Global Centre for G20 Studies will have five major objectives including the development of a strong vision for enabling academic institutions across the G20 region to build international collaborations between them; to launch new initiatives to promote G20 studies; to organize periodic lectures, seminars and conferences of topical relevance to India-G20 cooperation in partnership with other universities; to build and strengthen capacities for pursuing research relating to G20 countries within India; and to develop multi-sectoral training and capacity building programs in close partnership with higher education institutions in the G20.

Professor C Raj Kumar, the Founding Vice Chancellor of JGU, said, “As India assumes the Presidency of G20, this will be the first such Center established by any Indian university…”

Kumar said that this will be a university-wide research centre, which will pursue five major initiatives in this year of India’s Presidency of G20. “First, the center will be hosting a Global Conference of 200 Universities from G20 Countries with the representation of 10 universities from each G20 partner to focus on the future of education; second, to organize a G20 Ambassadors’ Conclave that will promote a dialogue on the future of diplomacy; third, to host a Global Justice Colloquium with a focus on bringing together lawyers and judges of the G20 countries to discuss and debate on the state of the justice systems across G20,” he said.

Besides, the Centre will also host the World Sustainability Forum for bringing together thought leaders and institutions in G20 to engage on issues relating to the environment and climate change.

Professor Mohan Kimar, the director of the center, said, “The newly established research centre will undertake independent and inter-disciplinary research in the following areas already established by India as priorities for its presidency. These include accelerating sustainable development goals in education and health, inclusive and resilient economic growth, green development and climate finance, food, fuel and fertilizers, and gender.”

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