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Old Video Surfaces of Italian PM Giorgia Meloni Criticizing Islamic

An old video featuring Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has resurfaced, revealing her views on the compatibility of Islamic culture with European values. In the footage, Meloni expresses the belief that there is a “compatibility problem” between Islamic culture and the values and rights of European civilization. She emphatically states her opposition to the implementation of Sharia law in Italy, citing differences in cultural values.

“I believe there is a problem of compatibility between Islamic culture and the values and rights of our civilization. [I] will not allow Sharia law to be implemented in Italy. The values of our civilization are different!” said Giorgia Meloni in the old video.

Meloni goes on to criticize the funding of Islamic cultural centers in Italy, pointing out that many are financed by Saudi Arabia. She specifically condemns Saudi Arabia for its strict application of Sharia law, highlighting practices such as lapidation for adultery and the death penalty for apostasy and homosexuality.

The resurfaced video comes after a political festival organized by Meloni’s far-right party, the Brothers of Italy, in Rome on December 16, which was attended by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. The video provides insight into Meloni’s stance on Islamization in Europe and her commitment to preserving the values she associates with European civilization.

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Source: India Today

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