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New York Times Report: Israel Knew About Hamas Attack Over A Year In Advance

A recent report by The New York Times has ignited public outrage and raised serious questions about the Israeli military’s handling of intelligence leading up to the devastating October 7th Hamas attack. The article suggests that Israel was aware of Hamas’ plan over a year before the operation that resulted in hundreds of casualties and triggered a war against the Islamic militant group.

According to The New York Times, Israeli officials possessed a 40-page battle plan named “Jericho Wall,” outlining a hypothetical Hamas attack on southern Israeli communities. The document, obtained in an unclear manner, was translated, hinting at the possibility of direct interception from Hamas in Arabic. The plan detailed Hamas’ intentions to bombard Israel with rockets, use drones to disable security and surveillance, and take control of southern communities and military bases.

The Israeli military has not directly addressed the report, emphasizing its current focus on eliminating the threat from Hamas. It stated that questions regarding intelligence handling would be addressed at a later stage. It remains unclear whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or other top leaders had seen the document, highlighting the need for further investigation.

The report reveals that despite being seen by many Israeli military and intelligence officials, the battle plan was reportedly dismissed as aspirational rather than a practical threat. This dismissal raises concerns about the military’s response to critical intelligence and its role in preventing the attack.

Public fury in Israel has intensified towards Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government for its perceived failure to prevent an attack that seemingly had numerous warning signs. A month before the assault, Hamas shared a video on social media showcasing fighters using explosives to breach a replica of the border gate and simulate an attack on an Israeli town.

Adding to the public outrage, Israeli media reports suggest that military officials ignored warnings from female border spotters who observed Hamas’ preparations for the attack. These spotters reported sightings of Hamas drones and attempts to disable Israeli border cameras in the months leading up to the assault.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has refrained from issuing a direct apology for the attack, asserting that determining blame will follow after the war is waged. Critics argue that this stance reflects an attempt to evade responsibility for intelligence failures leading to one of the deadliest days in Israeli history.

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